1 Corinthians 4: 6-21 Arrogance or Humility?

The Corinthian Christian were into comparing and it lead them to feelings of superiority, which in turn lead to divisions and discord in the church.

  1. They compared their leaders and felt superior because of which leader they followed.
  2. They got excited about who had baptised them and felt superior for that reason.
  3. Later on, Paul will talk about their ministries and again some would have gotten excited about their ministries when they compared them to others. That smug feeling of superiority would have enveloped them and they couldn’t help but look down on others who had, in their eyes, lesser ministries.

So, as we look at the Corinthian church we see a church divided. We see those who felt superior to others which of course leads to division. Paul has reminded them, up to this point of time, to have a proper understanding of Christian leadership.