Welcome to the Christian Reformed Church of Sutherland Shire

We're so glad you're here!


Out of love for the wider community, we, at the Christian Reformed Church of Sutherland Shire have taken steps to become a Covid-safe environment.

We are eager to meet again as a church community and so if you'd like to be a part of a live church gathering,  you will need to register for the event:  Live Church Gathering Registration Form.

The church is about people. Some of our groups are meeting and others are using innovative ways to connect. We are still a family who wants to encourage, share the good news, carry each other's burdens, pray together and meet around His Word.

In all of this - Christ is still King! The gospel is still precious! And it is good to be on this journey together! Physical distance cannot change any of these things.

Please join us for our live streaming church services;  Children can access activity sheets and colouring in pages at the Kid's Church Resource page;  View the Gallery to view their work and our church online!

Please feel free to contact us if you have an enquiry or need some help. Contact us.

What's on Sundays?

Join us for Online Church 9:30am and Zoom Bible Studies 5:00pm

Enjoy the Kid's pictures at the Online Church Gallery.

What's on during the week?

Most Bible Studies are meeting online. Let's actively seek ways to connect during this time through messages, calls, cards and other innovative ideas!