Psalm 126 “Past joy, Present tears, Future hope”

In this second ‘Song of Ascents’ we find a psalm of distress. Without being told the nature of the distress, the psalmist looks back with Joy on former days. His hope is for God to store the fortunes of Israel. Many of us do the same today as we look back on former days with fondness. Many of us would love to have our youth, or health or the joy of those days restored to us. Yet the greatest restoration comes to those who put their faith in Jesus. Restoration of a right relationship with God. For some of us, we may seek restoration of the joy of our relationship with God. To help us do so, let us with the pilgrims consider ‘what great things the Lord has done for us.’
As we wait for restoration today there may be tears and toil, but ultimately there will be a harvest reaped and we can look to the future with hope.