Luke 2:1-20 ‘Do we need Shepherds?’

The Shepherds are a well-known part of the Christmas story. But do we need them? What do they add to the story? What might we miss if they were not?
Our sermon considers that as shepherds they point us to Jesus, the true and good shepherd. But they are also normal everyday people like all human beings who need the gospel. They heard the announcement of the angel and they responded in faith, in worship and in witness. If we have responded to Jesus for salvation, do we continue to respond to him in faith by living a life of worship and witness?
Ultimately, the response of the shepherds showed that what the angels said was true. That indeed God had sent a saviour – his own son, who would save his people from sin. What does your life show? Is your life in every way a response to the baby born that day – Jesus who is Christ the Lord?