John 1:14-18

We continue our series through the first chapter of John. The passage helps us to ask the question whether we can know God? All along we are looking to also answer the question of who this man Jesus is? Verses 14-18 speak of Glory, Grace and a Gift. Jesus is the radiance of the Glory […]

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John 1:1-5, “Who is Jesus?”

John, most scholars believe, was written later than the other gospels and I believe that John had a specific aim in mind when it came to writing this Gospel. I believe his aim was to disclose fully, who Jesus Christ is. In those days there were already some who questioned whether Jesus was a man […]

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Christmas Carols Service

Using a ‘Christingle’ as a visual aid, the children made their own as each part helped explain the meaning of Christmas. An orange to represent the world. A red ribbon representing Jesus blood shed for the sins of the world. 4 sticks of fruit to represent the 4 corners of the earth and the 4 […]

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