Habakkuk 3, “From fear to faith”

Looking at the final chapter of Habakkuk, we find a very different man from the one we met at the beginning. A man complaining to God, wondering why God wouldn’t answer his prayers for the things he wanted God to do; a man who then wonders whether God really cares about his people and who is maybe even acting unjustly towards them. We come to Habakkuk chapter 3 and find at first a man fearful, terrified of what God will do in sending the Babylonians. But as he finishes he bursts out with the most beautiful statement of faith in God. Knowing that God would bring against him and the people of Judah, Habkkauk will live by faith and will rejoice! What incredible faith! How did this change happen? What can we learn from the rest of the book that might show us and lead us to be people like Habakkuk, who live by faith, trusting God in any and every situation of life?