Judges 9

Judges ch9 paints a pretty bleak picture of what human beings are like when left to their own devices. In a chapter where God is not mentioned we see what a society without God might look lie but also ask, is he absent? But God is not absent then or now and has been acting in judgement. Yet even then, God is gracious and offers salvation. This brings us to the climax of this chapter where God says he will no longer save.
God is faithful – he has made a covenant with his people. But he is also holy and cannot simply overlook or dismiss the sin of his people who fail to love him and follow him and remain obedient to him.
So we have this tension. Will he finally lose patience. But he is faithful – he cannot deny himself.
Or will he just give in and despite their vain crying out and their continual disobedience – just let them live as they please and save them anyway – but what of his holiness?