1 Peter 2:11-12 To do good through our submission

Strangely, because of the culture we live in, the word “submission” irritates us and gets us worked up, hot under the collar. Yet, in reality I believe we actually find submission attractive. Just a few example!

  • We have all been to the supermarket and watched the child do a tantrum at the cash registers. Yesterday, I was at an Ice Cream parlour and the high pitch squeal from the child could have been used as a weapon. The child of course was protesting about the flavour of the ice cream he was given. Standing there, you don’t think to yourself, “That was attractive.”
  • In the same way – when you see a married couple bickering or people throwing stones at the Police in a protest – the word “attractive” isn’t the first word that comes to mind.
  • When chaos reigns in a country we don’t think to ourselves – “Yes, I want to go there.” Killing, mayhem and chaos don’t attract most people. A society can only work if there is submission to those in authority! Families can only work that way. An absence of authority leads to chaos.

“Submission” is a great theme of Scripture. Submission to God appointed authorities and it is part of doing good and attracting people to the gospel.