1 Kings 6:14f A taste of Paradise

No matter how limited access might have been in the temple of Solomon, there was still access. A sinful human being, (High Priest) after making atonement, could come into the very presence of God, through the curtain. What God was conveying in the story of the temple was that there was a way for Paradise […]

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Daniel 3: 1f A Great Response

We are all pretty good at talking our way out of difficult situations, we call that “rationalising” the situation. The dictionary meaning for “Rationalising” is the following. “… attempt to explain or justify (behaviour or an attitude) with logical reasons, even if these are not appropriate.” We are good at rationalising a situation and Daniel’s […]

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1 Kings 6:7 Silence and Worship

To me, this sense of awe and wonder affected by the building of Solomon’s temple would have affected each and every one of those who worked on the site or visited that building site. Their God, was coming to make a home with them, and as they laid the stones they would have contemplated that […]

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