Psalm 42 & 43, “Feeling physically and spiritually separated from God.”

Using that metaphor of a deer, the Psalmist is expressing the deep and desperate longing for something and that something or somebody is God. It isn’t just, I really would like to go back to church after COVID is finished but something really far more desperate, something that absolutely consumes the Psalmist. He feels spiritually separated from God, which as it turns out is brought about by his physical separation from the temple. In my opinion most Christians who feel spiritual down, driven there by the circumstances in life, do exactly what they should not do! They do not put themselves in a place to see God! Martyn Lloyd Jones writes this… “It is a case of the mind speaking to the emotions rather than the emotions dictating to the mind: “You have to take yourself in hand, you have to address yourself, preach to yourself, question yourself… You have to say to yourself, “Why are you downcast””.