Luke 24:36-49 & Acts 1:4-11 Prayer and The Spirit

In this one-off sermon, we take a further look at our mission statement and ask – How will it be possible?  What is needed for us to Win people and to be transformed to be like Christ?  we need to recognise how disciples are made.  This is done by the 4 P’s, “Disciples are made by the Persevering Proclamation of the word of God by the People of God in Prayerful dependence on the Spirit of God.”

Looking at an overview of Acts, we see the triumphant, joyful forward-moving expansion of the gospel, empowered by the Spirit and resulting in changed lives and changed local communities, as is God’s intent for the continuing church.  Preyer and the Holy Spirit lie at the heart of what we see in Acts and likewise today.  Do we pray?  Do we pray for the Spirit to work? Are we filled with the Spirit?