Ruth 1: 16 Ruth’s Profession

Elimilech and family leave the promised land and Ruth makes the most beautiful profession of faith.

Whenever a person reaches for the Lord we generally see a number of factors in play. We often see a profound disappointment with what life is currently offering and we see a real desire to come into fellowship with the God of Israel.

During Jesus’s ministry on earth, many of his followers were leaving him. He asked the 12 disciples,
“Why are you not leaving.”
They said,
“For you alone have the words of eternal life.” (John)

For Ruth, this wasn’t a spur of the moment decision! It wasn’t a warm glow after a great Church service or rally. This was made on the dusty road. Her home, family, people were there behind her. Her uncertain future loomed in the distance. Yet, she chose the better path. She chose the path to the Lord God and I have to say that in one sense it was illogical and yet in another way, the most logical choice that anyone can make. Naomi thought it illogical and yet Ruth, through the mysterious workings of the Holy Spirit, drew near to God.