Ephesians 5:3-14, “Living as Children of the light”

The thing is that the city of Ephesus was known for its goddess Artemis, the goddess with multiple breasts. Ritual sexual behaviour and prostitution was part of their worship and the language and jokes in the city of Ephesus were often overtly sexual and crude. In that sense, the language and humour of Ephesus are not that far removed from our own country or cities or workplaces here in Australia or many other places in the world. Often the humour, we see expressed on television is immoral and crude and we live in that kind of environment. In fact, we are bombarded or submerged by that kind of attitude. Sexual sin simply diminishes our witness because it always destroys our credibility with others. Not only does it diminish others but it shows us to lack fidelity and truth ourselves. Any kind of coarse jesting or joking simply destroys our credibility, as Christians, because it reduces those around us to how they look rather than their character and gifts.