2 Corinthians 10: 12 – 11:15 Spiritual predators in the Church

It is easy for pastors to commend themselves and boast in the size of their church or their budgets or how many converts they have or the amount of staff that they serve with. So, when we think of Super Apostles or Spiritual Predators, we first have to be aware of boasting. Of course, someone that boasts doesn’t therefore mean that they are a “Spiritual Predator” it is just one part of the puzzle we are looking at. In Australian terms we would say that we ought to be aware of people who “big note” themselves. They claim credit for things that they cannot claim credit for. They like to tell you how important they are and how they achieved this or that. They lack humility and the ability to see their own flaws as well as how God’s grace might have operated in their lives.