1 Corinthians 9 Hanging on to your Rights?

Paul demonstrates that Christian ministers deserve material support, while at the same time saying that he is forgoing that support for the sake of the gospel. Now, this whole area demands Christian discernment and that is what Paul is pleading for in chapter 8. The thing is that perhaps some in the Corinthian Church thought to themselves that Paul was being hypocritical. After-all, he wasn’t there and he perhaps was still eating steak and roast lamb! Perhaps they wanted to use the “It is not fair” card? Why should they be told not to eat meat sacrificed to idols when Paul himself was probably choosing what kind of gravy to put on his steak! Yet, chapter 9 clears this up! Whatever sacrifices the Corinthians were making in regard to not eating food sacrificed to idols was nothing compared to what the Apostle Paul was sacrificing. For the sake of the gospel he was even willing not to take any means of support for his work as an Apostle and teacher.