The Vine Project: Overview

This year at Church, we have been working through “The Vine Project” and wanting to align all we do to become a ‘disciple-making’ culture.

What is the Vine Project?

The Vine Project is more than a book. It is a helpful roadmap which sets out to help the church to change its culture to become a disciple-making culture. Through the Project, Leadership teams will be guided through a five phase process which will help to:

  1. clarify and sharpen your convictions (Phase 1)
  2. reform your own personal life to express these convictions (Phase 2)
  3. honestly evaluate every aspect of your current church (or ministry) culture (Phase 3)
  4. devise some key plans for change and put them into effect (Phase 4)
  5. keep the momentum going and overcome obstacles (Phase 5).

Why is it important?

Where are we headed?

Find out more by watching this video: