John 6:1-15 Jesus came, not to give bread, but to be bread

Jesus in this section of chapter 6 feeds 5000 men.  While some conclusions may be drawn from this passage alone, it must bee seen as part of the whole chapter.  Jesus really performs this miracle in order to set up his teaching about himself being the bread of life.  After this teaching, many no longer follow him, John 6:66.  Jesus is seen as more than a prophet, with the people concluding he is The prophet.  He is also more than a king as the people seek to force him to be their king.  Yet Jesus will not be king in their mold.  He did not come with power to give them or us what we already want.  We cannot have part of Jesus only.  Rather, he came to be king on his terms and we must submit to him.  The questions are asked, Do you want the miracle or the person?   Is Jesus merely useful to you or is he precious to you?