1 Samuel 2: 1-11 Hannah’s Prayer and Praise

When we pray in our need, and God answers our prayer in his grace, we have to see it as more than simply an answer to prayer. When God answers someone, heals someone, restores someone, grants work to someone we are seeing how God acts. When we see Jesus born in a manger at Bethlehem, when we see him born in humble circumstances there, we also know that after his death and resurrection, he rose up to sit at God’s right hand and to rule everything for the sake of the church.

God works that way! God raises us up and grant us salvation, which should give us ammunition to praise God with our whole being.
• Every time God lifts us out of the miry bog and puts our feet on a rock, we should praise our God!

• Every time God acts our mind should move from our circumstances to the greatness of God and an even better understanding of how God operates.