Acts 28:17-31 – They will Listen

In this final chapter of Acts, we discover that all roads lead to Rome. Paul finally reaches Rome, as God had promised. But the path of Paul’s life to get there was windy at best. Sometimes our lives don’t go the way we might have hoped or planned. But if they are lived as if they are not our own, then we can understand that every road has its purpose for us to know God more and to reach others. Paul again uses every opportunity to share the good news, even in Rome under house arrest. Do you live life as if it’s not your own? Is the gory of God your purpose for living? Do live for yourself or for God? is the gospel the one constant in your life driving all that you do? We see this in Paul and are challenged to do the same. As the book of Acts seems not to have a definite ending, we, therefore, are to take up where Paul and others left off.