Luke 19:1-10 ‘Bring on 2021!??’

Reaching the end of one year and preparing for the next, we naturally look back as well as forward? How do we assess the year gone by? What has been good, challenging, beneficial, what have you learned? What would you like to change moving forward? This time of year is a good time to take stock.
Do you ever seek to do this kind of thinking spiritually? Have I grown in certain areas of my life as a Christian? I look back and think of trials I have faced – what did I learn from them? Did I learn anything from them? Have there been blessings and joys? What can I give thanks and praise to God for over the past year? What might I like to change?
Looking at the account of Zacchaeus we consider how being with and meeting Jesus brought a change in his life. We similarly need to be with Jesus so as to understand our new identity from which will come new behaviour and attitudes.