1 Kings 6 The building of the temple

The problem can be that that we put far we can feel spiritually superior because we have a great building or big numbers or a great budget. The real outcome of a relationship with God must be obedience. The real outcome of a relationship with God has to be faith in the Lord Jesus Christ as our only means of being declared right with God. From time to time I meet people who put too much confidence in church attendance or in fasting or in tithing or in ritualistic worship. That is what offends me when I travel to Europe and see cathedral after cathedral. They might all be dedicated to the Lord God but in reality they were build to glorify those who instituted them! What a mistake Solomon would make if he thought that he had ticked all the boxes God wanted from him when he built the temple. It would be the same mistake we would make if we put too much confidence in tithing, or church attendance, or doing some spiritual thing. The Christian life is all about continued service, continued obedience.