Percy’s log… … Shhhh it’s a secret



Squawk! I can’t believe that HBC is over! It’s been such a fun week and today has been so amazing as well, the HBC fleet has docked and now I must find some new sailors to help out over winter! But you know whats even more exciting? Next year HBC will be back! And during the school terms there is Gems and Cadets and Youth group and church services all on!

And if you come on Sunday for the church services all the cool HBC Leaders will be there too!


Today I saw so many boats Squawk (or were they ships?) all splashing around in the water! Everyone did sooooo well at making their boats and there were so many different types of boats! I saw some amazing engineering skills especially by year six on the challenge table some of those boats could hold so many pebbles! I think I saw one floating around with 30 pebbles. Squawktastic!


Sadly it was our last day on the HBC fleet but at least we saw Barnie Barnacle get rescued by the SS Majesty with the command of the Skipper! Earlier today I realised that the Skipper is just like God, how he saves us and wants a relationship with us! How amazing is that! Squawk!


It was Year sixes final day at HBC for ever! Lucky they can come back to Youth group on Friday’s between 7:30 and 10pm during the school term for loads of fun and more learning about Jesus! Squawk!


I think we all had fun playing games, doing craft, watching the drama, skipping, singing, handball challenges and learning about Jesus this past week on the HBC fleet! Squawk!


Well I better get moving if I want to go find a new crew to help out for the winter HBC fleet is docked for this year and the Navy no longer have animal mascots, maybe I can find a friendly pirate ship tohelp out!


Signing out for now; Percival Parrot: Squawk!


What a day! I was on the SS. Majesty and a storm is brewing up! The storm is sooo big I’m afraid that I may be blown away!

Today there was all sorts of activities and a delicious Hot Dog lunch (although I helped myself to one of the fish yum yum Squawk) !

I saw all my shipmates playing all sorts of different games!

My personal favourite was the coconut bowling! It’s Squawktastic how well those sailors can aim at the palm trees, they’re way better shots than that captain Dodger!
Some of the bigger kids were good at the Basketball and even better at nerf fishing! Thats what I call it when you shoot fish with nerf guns, I wonder if they got to eat those fish they looked delicious!
Then I saw some kids who must have been in death straight because they were jumping from mat to mat like the floor was lava, Squawk! but they all got to the other side just fine!

I saw people playing captain’s coming and they all looked scared that the captain was coming it must have been that dodgy Captain Dodger! Yesterday he nearly blew up the SS Majesty but his shot is so bad I think I’m more afraid Squawk… of his smell! hehehehehehe Squawk! Portside! Captains coming! Starboard! Talking of Starboard, I was watching the starboard side of the ship during the storm and I saw something Terrible although not unexpected! The Jolly Roger was ship wrecked from the waves! Lucky Miranda, Pippy and Kipper all listen to the Skipper now! I’m sure he will get us out of the storm but it is a huge storm and poor silly Barnacle was on the wrecked ship Jolly Roger!
While I was watching the waves on the star board side of the ship I saw some other amazing things! Kindy did a performance of Love the Lord with All your heart and it was soooo good Squawk that it had all the audience on their feet singing along!
Year one and two did an amazing performance of how Jesus calmed the storm Squawk! Jesus is soo powerful! Just like today’s memory verse!
Year three four and five all did Monday’s memory verse! And they all did it so well that even though they did it differently was still just as good as each other! Luke chapter 19: 10 “The son of man has come to seek and to save those who are lost!”
There was also a whole bunch of animals that came on stage and sang Who’s the King of the jungle! I found out that those animals were just year 6 in onesies sad that they are graduating from HBC this year but maybe they will join us at youth next year!

Don’t forget, it’s boat day tomorrow! We will be having some cool activities during recess to create some cool boats! But your boat will not only be viewed! These boats will be taken to the waters! Will your boat float tomorrow?

So as many of you know, tomorrow is going off with a bang! I am not using the word bang lightly here! Tomorrow, all the balloons hanging from the ceiling are coming down! So, we will be popping all the balloons tomorrow which is going to be epic!

I had such a crazy day I nearly forgot to mention that if you make it through the storm and say the secret words
“Suffering Swordfish”
To Pippy tomorrow she will give you a lolly!

So much happened today I got to go I’m trying to find out if Barnacle is okay! See you tomorrow!


Today I got back from my long flight to warn the S.S. Majesty. And just in time, Squawk, they nearly fell for that nasty Captain Dodger’s tricks! Squawk!

After I had a nap, I saw kindy having lots of fun with their biggest crew yet! Squawk Squawk! They are sooo quiet I hardly even noticed them until they started running around!

Year one and two did wood work today and I saw some really fun peg racing! And even some masterful ships Squawk!

Year three acted the Acted out a really cool story about how Jesus forgave Peter! They are really good actors!

Year four and five were going bananas today Squawk! They must have been having so much fun! They are getting really good at those Kahoot quizzes! Squawkety Squawk, what a time to be alive!

In Year six the leaders did some really cool demonstrations with detergent and pepper that showed how Jesus Washed away our sins! How amazing! I can’t wait to see what else they learn!

As I was flying I nearly lost my course because there were so many bubbles in the way! I saw some huge bubbles out the front and lots and lots of bubbles in the court yard! There were so many bubbles that my flight path was blocked and I had to choose a different way! Squawk!

I really enjoyed hearing everyone sing loudly today! I hope everyone sings twice as loud tomorrow! Speaking of tomorrow theres going to be a hot dog lunch for me and all my family and friends Im going to invite everyone I know! And Sammy is going to be there! And There is going to be lots of activities and after that… Squawk… A concert! And every one is going to be on the stage at one point and they will announce the winners of the colouring in competition I really hope I win the parrot competition. Plus there is going to be a VIP guest at the concert! Some one from the actual Navy! I can’t wait to hear what he has to say!

I heard that if you tell the secret words to Barnie Barnacle;
“ Avast ye matey, we need all hands on deck!”
You get a lolly!

I hope no one sees this Squawk!


I did my colouring in competition and it looks amazing!

I’m sure I will win the parrot competition!!!! I did it all in the best colours: orange and orange and a little bit of orange as well!

Squawk hahahaha Squawk!

It was lacking a few things so I added myself on the main sail and I’m singing a beautiful Squawky song!

Today I flew for sooooo long!


First I flew from the SS Majesty searching the high seas to find the Jolly Roger to see how Barnie Barnacle was getting on. Turns out he wasn’t doing so well, but I can’t say I didn’t warn him that Captain Dodger is a dodgy fellow!

Squawk! Squawk! Dodger by name, Dodgy by nature!

I am on my way back to the good ship S.S. Majesty to warn them of Dodgy Dodger’s plans now, but the boat ahem, I mean ship, has gotten further away! I don’t know if I will get there in time!

I have seen some really cool things in the sea as I fly though!

I passed the Good Ship Kindy! There were some great wood crafters there who made peg racers and dinosaurs!!!

Shiver me timbers!!

Squawk!  I’m glad dinosaurs can’t  fly! There were also such beautiful parrots on board that ship, all the pirate crew were sporting one on their shoulders! Such colour! I might have to watch my back for the parrot colouring competition!


I saw Year one and two on the horizon in a terrible storm, but Jesus calmed the storm with his great power! I’m so glad no one got hurt!


Year 3 had some fun on their ship making the lesson out of play dough!

Squawk!  I wish I could play with play dough!

I saw Year four and five under the sea creating magical glowing jars! And beautiful drawings!

I crazy pink ship sailed by and I over heard Year six getting an amazing talk by Andy all about Jesus miracles! And Then some BIG questions got answered!

Squawk! …..Then someone started a sword fight!

I saw so many pirates on the high seas today!

Squawk! ….with Scars and eye patches!!

Squawk! Glad I can fly!

I also saw a message in a bottle which said that tomorrow if you tell Miranda the words, “Aye ….Ye be a scurvy land lubber!”    …… Then you’ll get a lolly!


I hope I get to the SS Majesty in time to warn them of the nasty Captain Dodgers Plans! Squawk!…..   Signing off for now ……….. (I hope nobody reads this!!)


Today I saw the HBC fleet arrive at the docks for the beginning of Holiday Bible Club! It was so colourful and there were so many children!


There were these travellers who wanted to become part of a ships crew but they didn’t know which ship to go on. That dodgy captain Dodger tried to get them on his scurvy crew but the First mate wanted them on his and gave them the choice to see which they would choose.

Barnacle went on the Jolly Roger with Captain Dodger, Squawk Dodger by name dodgy by nature!

But the others went on the SS Majesty.

I did some harbour flying and saw some really cool things:

People were playing handball and skipping and I even saw some balloon volley ball! I think that balloon almost flew as high as I can!
I’m going to hand in my colouring in competition tomorrow I can’t wait! Even though it’s not due until Thursday morning! I here there’s going to be a prize! I hope I win the bird section!

Kindy flew the Purple flag high today and enjoyed some really fun crafts!

Year One and Two even went fishing! Although the fish they caught didn’t look that yummy in fact the fish had memory verses on them! Squawk! Even better than food! Squawk!

Year Three are super excited to come dressed as pirates tomorrow and they played heads down thumbs up wish I could of played but I have no thumbs only feathers!

Year four and five both did wood work today and it looked fun! They are some amazing wood crafters but they weren’t making masts for ships but fun toys! I saw them Squawk, play some really fun Kahoot games! That music is really catchy!

Year six are soooo big! Squawk! They had a really cool point system going but you don’t get extra points for being a parrot which is sad Squawk!

I was flying past and overheard that if you say the secret words to the first mate that she will give you a lolly! The secret words were…
“Yo ho and away we go!”

I wonder what all the kids will look like in there pirate costumes tomorrow! I’m so excited for the rest of the week!

Squawking off, Percy!