Sammy - HBC

Dear Diary,

Today was the last day of HBC for another year and I am so sad about that. But, instead of wanting to hit the cat and sulk, I have decided to keep thinking about some of the good things that happened at HBC. Like how super funny was that today when that mega explosive whoopee cushion went off under poor Annie Lea Carson? She’ll have to find a needle and thread and fix those pants that were blown to pieces hey!?

Unfortunately they made me pick up all those popped balloons as punishment for those practical jokes (why I am late to write my diary). Maybe I’ll think twice about practical jokes from now on… nah I’d still do it again!

I went around to see if kids were all crying that HBC was over but they were all just having a great time…

Kindy and year 1 had their very own TV and were watching Vegetales tell them stories! SO jealous! You may think I would like the Muppets BUT I’ve always wanted to sing silly songs with Larry!

Year 2 learnt about Pauls conversion and how he escaped the wall in a basket! He must’ve been in a LOT of danger because getting in a basket is no fun (I would know!). They also had a boys verse girls competition during the week with the boys winning! Oh, no that’s right, the girls won on the last memory verse! I still think the boys deserved to win.

Year 3 made some books without words! WHAAT! I hear that they explain the Bible BUT with NO words (only colours)! You’ll have to ask them to explain it! They also got to make some fantastic woodwork at Recess – I wanted to join them but I was too busy having a blue dinosaur painted on my face. Those face painterers are really good!

Years 4 & 5 did all sorts of memory games today. They must have very big heads to remember ALL the memory verses and lessons from EVERY day! I couldn’t remember nearly as much as them. Sometimes I think I have a hole in my head…

I went down to Year 6 to call them all girls in a PINK room! But instead I learnt about encouraging one another and how calling names isn’t reallyyy nice. It was pretty sad though, year 6 are gonna be too old next year! But they got to be stars of the stage and sing some songs – including ‘Let it Gooooo’.

I’m glad the wagontrain made it ALLL the way to meet the map writer JC in paradise!

I think that’s all for now. My arm is sooo tired it almost feels like it doesn’t belong to me. I better sign off.

Good bye!!! Remember to come back next year for another adventure at HBC!


p.s I know the holidays get pretty boring.. especially if you’re stuck in a box like me. Check out these websites for some more fun to do at home  (ask an adult first!) http://www.jcplayzone.com/Index.asp



Dear Diary (I don’t think it is very secret anymore!)

Today is day 4 of HBC. Thursday 3rd July, 2014.

Today was bigger than the 4th July in the USA… it was the 3rd July HBC sports, Hotdog AND Concert day! It was so good!

Firstly, I was so good at the sports, I beat everyone at throwing  and jumping and running and showing off  being awesome.

Then we had hot dogs. Uncle Festus broke his record and ate 16 hot dogs! The only problem that he was so full of hot dogs that he felt sick and had to go home and miss the concert! He was silly wasn’t he?

The Concert was good. There was an earthquake… with real smoke, noise, shaking and cracks in the earth so big that the Wild Wild west pioneers couldn’t cross over them! They couldn’t get to their map and continue on their way!

They said that it was a picture of what it is like between us and God! We are separated from God because of Sin but because of what Jesus did on the cross, we can be forgiven and be friends with God.


Your parents (or you) can watch this explained better HERE

In the concert, the Kindy and year 1 kids were so cute and clever and did the story of Farmer Phil as a song.  Year 2 did a song called the Hokey Pokey Jesus song. It was really clever! Year 3 did a song called Tell Them! because we all want to tell everyone about the good news of Jesus! Year 4 & 5 did an unreal skit and so did year 6. They look like they might be the next drama people at HBC, they were SO good!

I was wondering how all the food was gotten ready. I looked in the kitchen and all these ladies, mums, aunties and grandmas were busy busy getting everything ready. Nice ladies!

You should have seen Puppeto today. AT LAST one of his magic tricks worked! He wrote on a card and they put it back in the pack and then it appeared INSIDE A BALLOON at the back of the hall! It was really amazing! Tomorrow he said he has his one last trick! It better be good!

Oh, also, we watched this little video. I though it explained things really well!

Well, I have had such a good time, I think my voice is wearing out. It is a bit croaky from all the laughing and shouting I have been doing! One more day of HBC tomorrow!  🙁

Then I have to wait 360 days until it is on again! But I think I will keep having fun by going to Cadets on a monday night. My sister is going to GEMS and my big ugly brother is going to youth group on friday night. My Mum wants to go to The Craft Group and to Mops and Dad said we can go to church on sunday because we don’t usually go. So much to do!

Check out all the HBC PHOTOS!

See you tomorrow.

(I am going to be looking for the big Bandit (Dynamite Dan) and say to him the magic word. Then I will get a lolly! The password for friday is “The Bandit has a fake beard”.)






Dear Secret Diary.

Today is Wednesday 2nd July.

I am one day older than I was yesterday and one day younger than I will be tomorrow.

HBC today was ridiculously fantastic!

They were talking about sharing. I felt very proud that I have shared 2 things with my little sister. The Chicken pox and the flu. Kind of me I know.

Year K-1 had an amazing time doing woodwork with all the grandpas! I made a dinosaur and my friend made a bird house. I think the Grandpas must work ALL year in their little back yard workshops cutting out bits of wood ready for us to make super cool stuff! I learnt a lot and next week I might build a new house for my mum and dad. I was pretty good with the hammer and nails.

I went and looked at what year 2 were doing. They were learning a memory verse by playing ‘wheelbarrows’. They were piecing the bits of memory verse together with their mouths. There were bite marks all over  them. That was so cool.

Year 3 are such good actors. They were acting out the story from Acts in the Bible. There was a reporter, Miss Mary Mac and she was interviewing all different people from the Bible. They were all telling about God’s love for them.

Year 4 and 5 were good actors too. They did skits about forgiveness. They got to do cool string art and weaving for craft and are planning a fun thing to do for the concert tomorrow afternoon. I can’t tell you what they are doing. It is TOP secret!

Year 6 were talking about Zacchaeus and about how he wanted lots of money and also people’s acceptance. Then he met Jesus and realised how much he was accepted by Him. That was SO amazing to Zac that he gave away his things to follow Jesus. Year 6 then made these clever wallets out of paper and duct tape. There was no money in them. That is either because the money was given away… or the Bandit stole it all or maybe because year 6 kids are poor.

I CAN’T WAIT UNTIL TOMORROW!!! It is the HBC sports day… then the parents come around 11:45 or 12 and we have a hot dog lunch! For free! I’m bringing all my cousins and my Uncle Festus and Aunty Bertha.  Then we all go inside for the HBC CONCERT! Now my family can all see how scary the Bandit is! I hope Aunt Bertha doesn’t get scared. She might do a Judo throw on him. Then we’ll have splatted Bandit all over the place. I’ll tel Aunt Bertha to have a coffee in the HBC adult Cafe before the lunch. Coffee always calms her down. (Or does it make her go wild? We’ll see tomorrow!)

Oh, I nearly forgot. Tomorrow is dress up day if we want to. I have to look for a checked shirt and cowboy hat. Yee ha!

(The secret password is to say to Doc “Yee Ha!)

See you in the morning!

Have you seen the HBC photos? CLICK HERE and see if you can find yourself.


Sammy xxx (If you are a boy, these kisses are NOT for you!)





Dear Secret Diary,

Today is the first of July.

I went to HBC again today and had a super great time except for 2 things. The first bad thing was that I forgot the secret password in the morning so I couldn’t get a free lolly from Miss Kitty. The second bad thing is that the naughty Bullocky Bill stole heaps of things from the Pioneers on the Wild Wild West trail! (It was really Snake Oil Jack’s fault because he fell asleep while on night duty!)

Bullocky Bill & Puppeto

Bullocky Bill & Puppeto

Oh a third terrible thing that happened was that Miss Kitty shot the rare desert butterfly during Puppetos (lame) magic trick. Oh dear. We sure learnt a lot about forgiveness today. I learnt that Jesus forgives us too when we come to Him and say sorry for the wrong things we do. I was really glad to hear about that!


OK, there were not ALL bad things at HBC today. In fact I had a GREAT time! I heard that tomorrow’s secret password is going to be “Sonward Bound”. That means we are on life’s journey following God’s Son – JESUS. That’s why we are SONward bound! Anyone who says it to Annie-Lea Carson on wednesday will get a lollie! I will try and remember it and not tell anyone else the secret.

Everyone had a good time in their classes today.

Year 6 were really clever at understanding the message of what it means that we are sinners and need Jesus to forgive us. They have heaps of fun with Martin and the other leaders.

Year 4/5 had Waaaaaayyyyy too much fun today and had the best time doing craft.

Year 3 were cactus! I mean they did heaps of cactus themed stuff today. They grew them and even pretended to be them with “Musical cactus” SO funny to watch!

Year 2 got to watch a video and even heard from a “wordless book”. Yes, a book without words. But it had a special message about LIFE with colours telling the story! The kids are so nice to each other in year 2, so everyone is having a great time!

Kindy and year one did great crafts – indian feather headbands and Indian vests! I had to run away because they were all singing “Let it go” from Frozen while they were doing their craft and now I will have the song in my head all night and day! Grrrr.

The adults – well, life is hard isn’t it?! While us kids were busy doing all the hard fun stuff, they were sitting drinking coffee and eating cake in the HBC Cafe. And there is a team of babysitters doing fun stuff with toddlers, like dot painting. Why? So their Mums and Dads could have fun drinking coffee in the cafe! Boy, Adults have an easy life!

I heard another secret as well today. Kids are allowed to dress up in western clothes! On thursday there might even be a prize for the person dressed in the best Wild Wild West clothes! Hmmm, will I be a cowboy or an American Indian or a pioneer? Not sure yet. I really want to win a prize… oh, that reminds me… I am off to finish my colouring in  competition. Bye….. see ya tomorrow!





Dear Secret Diary,

It is the holidays and I was going to play with my mum’s iPad alllllll holidays. But after doing that for a few minutes I was bored… so I went to Holiday Bible Club! It was SOOOO much fun and they said I can come every day this week! My Mum even stopped playing ‘angry birds’ on her phone and came and had real coffee and cake in the HBC Cafe. It was free and warm and especially for the grown ups. She said she will go again.


Look HERE FOR PHOTOS of todays HBC!

There were these crazy guys at HBC who were from the wild wild west! They are on a journey together. I was a bit scared when I saw a “WANTED” poster and this big hairy guy came along. He was Bullocky Bill and he looks bad! The Injun lady said he stole all her hot spices. He said it wasn’t true! He said they were only mild! I think that shows that he really DID steal them! He even said he was going to eat up all the kindy kids! My teacher said he wouldn’t really. It would give him a sore belly.

I wonder what will happen tomorrow in the wild wild west drama? I hope they obey the rules and don’t fall asleep or bring their hair straighteners along!

I crept around during the HBC class times to see what they were all doing…

Kindy/year 1 were singing this really cool song! I asked them what it was for and they said they were practising for the concert! The concert is on thursday afternoon, straight after the hotdog lunch at 12. Everyone is welcome they say. I hope my Uncle Festus doesn’t come. He has a reputation for eating 10 hot dogs at a time. Very embarrassing!  Then kindy and year 1 made these amazing grass heads for craft (I hope they water them and let them grow!) and some people made fishing rods and fish (I hope they catch a lot and eat them for dinner!)

Year 2 Made great weaving frame art. Their class has a cool competition going between the boys and the girls. The girls are winning but boys are so awesome, I reckon they’ll catch up!

Year 3 know what it is like to get stuck in the desert in the wild wild west. They played stuck in the mud and then someone put their finger in the hole of a CD and their finger got super stuck! I thought they were going to have to call the sheriff and the police rescue crew but the clever teacher cut the CD off the stuck finger. Wow, life is sure dangerous in the wild wild west. Luckily year 3 are tough enough to handle it!

Year 4 were so clever. They made this time-line of Jesus life. They learnt so much about Jesus and that He really really lived on the earth and did amazing things and is still alive today but we just can’t see Him. Then, Year 4 did this super fantastic woodwork craft! They made Bird cages… out of wood! And real nails! Maybe they will catch and keep some big desert eagles from the wild wild west!

Year 5 and 6 were chill in’ in the basement (with a heater on!). They are so clever… They were in groups and made up these cool skits about Jesus feeding the 5000 and healing a man and calming a storm. One group did drawings of the parables Jesus taught (Like the finding the pearl in the field one). It was so cool down in the basement. They even had some lounges to sit on!

Well, I hope no one is reading my secret diary. I heard that there is a secret password tomorrow and if someone goes up to Miss Kitty in the morning, they will get a lolly if they whisper to her the secret password “Wild Wild West”.

I will definitely whisper “Wild Wild West” to her tomorrow morning before it starts at 9:30 because I LOOOOOOOVVVVVEEEEE lollies!

I’m off now to practise a magic trick. Puppeto was a man from the wild wild west who had the WORSE magic trick I have ever seen, so I will try and do one better one day.













HBC 2013…




My life is so dull without HBC.  I don’t feel like doing much, except making lists of things to do in the second week of my school holidays. So here is my list. I have made an easy list so that all I have to do is click on the coloured word and my computer will take me somewhere interesting or fun. (I’ll make sure Mum or Dad are around to make sure the silly internet doesn’t take me anywhere I am not supposed to go). There are even things for me to tell my Mum and Dad to look at. If they are kept busy, they won’t have time to find extra jobs for me to do.


Check out all the great photos from HBC this year and count how many times I am in a photo.

Wow, there are even videos of HBC stuff! There’s 9 videos to watch to remember the good times.

Here are my cousins, Waffle and Flip talking about how we can use what we have to serve Jesus.

I love watching Veggie tales stuff. Silly songs with Larry are… well…. just silly!

There are heaps of fun things to do on the kids  “Answers in Genesis” site! I could be there all day!

My Uncle Boris says that the world is billions of years old. The Bible says God made the world, not that long ago. Uncle Boris says that God and science don’t mix. The leaders at HBC say that God made science, so of course they mix very well! I have no idea how to answer Uncle Boris but he’ll get HEAPS of answers on the adults  Answers in Genesis website!

This site is fun and safe for me, Mum says.

What do Christians believe? “Who will be King” is a great explanation of what Christians believe and I can read it all by myself (or get Mum or Dad to help me).

I love jumping in puddles!

Have a good holidays secret diary! I am not going to write anymore until it is time for the next HBC! (362 days to go!)

I might beg my Mum and Dad to take me to church where HBC was on. It’s on this sunday (7th July) and the HBC band will be playing songs I know. The decorations are not there any more but I’ll still see some of the same people and hear about Jesus.

Yee ha!

Hey, something funny… my great grandma found photobooth on her laptop and accidentally filmed herself and her friends.

Bye dear diary.








I am so sad! I heard Cameron in Kindy say “I wish it was monday so HBC was just starting!” I was thinking the same thing myself! But one good thing is that it is only 364 days until Holiday Bible Club 2014!

Well, diary, there were lots of things happening today at HBC! I’m not one to gossip but I was right when I said Grandma had a little heart crush happening with the Chief.  I think it’s gross. Imagine someone over 40 liking someone else. Anyway, nothing will come of it because Grandma was pretty excited when she got a ticket to fly back to Sydney.

That was funny how all the Watt family got tickets to get back home. All their stuff was stolen on tuesday and they had no money or tickets. The Chief let them work for their tickets. Father Watt worked for hours and hours, then Grandma did a few hours, Wendy did a few less and Rick did about 5 minutes. They all got a ticket. Father Watt said it wasn’t fair.

That was a bit like things that happened in the classes today. I went to different classes to spy on what was going on. In year 6 a kid had to do 10 pushups and then got a chocolate. Another kid only did 2 pushups and got a chocolate too! They thought that was unfair. In another classroom the teacher was telling a story from the Bible about a farmer who hired different people to work for him. The one who worked all day was happy with what he earned until he saw that the person who worked for only half an hour got the same money. Ripped off. Then I went into another classroom and heard a teacher telling about how God doesn’t give us anything because of how much work we do, or because of how good we are. They said that, really, none of us could be good enough for God no matter how hard we tried. That’s because God is perfect! BUT…. and here’s the good thing…. Jesus paid the punishment for all the wrong things we do and that is why we can be forgiven by Jesus and be in His family. God loves us so much, He doesn’t give us what we deserve but what He wants to give us. I learnt that if I believe it and trust in Jesus, I will belong to Jesus and one day I will be in Heaven with Him. That is so super cool. I would love my whole family to trust in Jesus and be in Heavenm one day.

Well, Diary, I know you are wondering what happened to Wizzy the Wobble Warrior and his friend. Well, there was this big battle between the chief and Wizzy. The Chief won and chased Wizzy away. Wizzy woz no more! I saw his big hairy head running through the jungle as he was eating little baby fluffy animals along the way. He was so mean.

The rest of The Watt family had a good trip back to Barden Ridge in a “Penelope Airlines” jet. Wendy went off to have her acrylic nails fixed. Father Watt went to have his suit dry cleaned, Rick went to be cool on the intersection down town and Grandma Watt soon forgot about her lost love by going back to her (boring) Authentic English Tea Brewing classes. Women. I don’t understand them.  I’d rather go to chocolate eating classes. I’d come top of the class for sure. I might start practising now.

Hey, I saw other things too when I was spying around the classrooms. No one saw me because I was hiding in a wheeley bin which one of the big strong woodwork men was pushing around collecting rubbish. I only got dirty tissues stuffed into my mouth twice but I spat them out quickly. I learnt about the 3 second rule from my Uncle Festie.

Kindy and year one had fun jumping all over Corey and trying to steal his sunnies. I think that was a special new game which looked awesome fun. They were also playing “Crocodile, Crocodile may I cross your golden river.” Thankfully no one lost any limbs.

Year 2 did a little puppet show and remembered all the parables and made placemats.

Year 3 did charades about the parables and everyone guessed them really well. I knew some but couldn’t shout the answers out from under the bin lid or they would have seen me (and a 2 day old hot dog might have fallen into my mouth).

Year 4/5 had a Q&A session which was better than the boring one my Dad watches on TV. They actually had really good and worthwhile questions and there were some great answers too!

Year 6 were chillin in the ‘basement’. Hey! I saw they had cool comfy lounges to sit on. I can’t wait til I am in year 6. Oh no, that means it will be my last year of HBC. That is why I am avoiding growing up. On the other hand, if I was in year 6 this year, it means I would be able to the cool youth group on friday nights next year. The people in year six should send an email to the church on the contact page to ask to be put on the youth group email list.

Well, what am I going to do now that HBC is finished? I will sit outside and count ants.

Tomorrow it will be 363 days till HBC 2014! getting closer.

I know what I might do this weekend. I think I will look for all sorts of links and put them here in my diary so that on monday I can look them up and I will have lots of things to do!

I love links. A link is when a word is a different colour and when you click on it it takes you somewhere else. Like if you click on HERE, you see a picture of the most handsome person I have ever seen.

So, on Monday morning, no one has to be bored because people can look here again and grind lots of fun links to keep us all busy.

So until monday,

bye for now diary!






Did I want to go to the park today? NO! Did I want to go to the snow these holidays? NO! Did I want to go to Disneyland these holidays? NO!!! I wanted to go to HBC this week and today was just proof that I made the right decision.

We learnt more this morning about what happened to the Watt family. (What family? The WATT family!)

At last the Watt family realised that Rick was missing! He was caught by those 2 nasty Wobble Warriors who tied him to a tree and did nasty things to his mouth with duct tape.  Ouch. I don’t think he will ever be able to grow a beard. Serious stuff. Then they squirted him with their jungle gun. I felt sorry for him and didn’t even laugh (much) when it looked like he wet his pants! Wow, if this happened here with anyone I know, I would so tell an adult because it was really mean, but it happened in the jungle and I couldn’t tell an adult because they were acting in the drama.

I’m so glad the Chief helped out and rescued Rick! He then chased Wizzy and his side kick wobble warrior away!  They then left to look after Rick while us kids went to our classes and learnt a really cool story about a lost sheep.

Click HERE Screen shot 2013-07-04 at 5.32.05 PM to see the story of the lost sheep. There’s no words, so if you don’t know any language at all, you can still get the story.

If you don’t quite get what it means, we saw another thingy that explained it.  Click HEREScreen shot 2013-07-04 at 5.38.27 PM to see it. It was good and made me realise how much God wants me to be in His family. The minister talked. He has 6 kids in his family. He reckoned if any of them went missing, he wouldn’t just say, “Oh well, there are 5 left”. He would go looking for the missing one. Imagine how much greater God’s love is for us! But we can still be stubborn little sheep sometimes. I am glad Jesus is my good Shepherd!

Well, I am jumping ahead. I forgot to mention that we had SPORTS day today! It was SO much fun. I got SO many gold and silver stickers. I am thinking of training up for Coconut Bowling at the Olympics. I hear it is coming in as a demonstration sport. It is really smashing fun!

After the Jungle sports we had Hot Dogs. Uncle Festie said he did our family proud. He didn’t eat ten hot dogs. He ate twelve. You might not have seen him. I was a bit embarrassed so told him all the good looking guests had to stand and eat around the corner near the toy shed. He didn’t mind. He said he understood as most other people had unfortunate looks.

Then, Hot Dogs safely in our bellies, we headed into the hall for the JUNGLE  JAMBOREE CONCERT!!! It was better than Disneyland, let me tell you. I was in it and so was every other kid there. We sang and rapped and said Bible verses and watched the crazy Watt family. They found out what happens when you don’t obey the rules of the Jungle. Thankfully the chief was there to sort them out and forgive them!

They keep talking about all the cool things this church has on for boys and girls and Mum’s with preschoolers and ladies who like craft, and people who want to know more about the Bible.

They say anyone can contact the ministers to ask any questions or ask more about what it means to be a Christian.

All my friends said they had different favourite things from today. Year 6 loved doing their Jumbilani act. Years 4 & 5 loved digging coins out of gooey stuff. Year 3 loved making amazing models of the Lost Sheep story using play dough. Year 2 loved the sports and probably had the most gold and silver stickers ever. Year 1 & Kindy were the best ever singers and jungle animals in the concert. The adults loved real coffee and super high calorie snacks that someone said went straight to their thighs. That sounds uncomfortable.

And I just loved it ALL.

I heard that people have to find Wendy Watt tomorrow and say the SECRET passwords… “Grandma loves the Chief” I know, it’s just a rumour but, well, I did see the way he lovingly saved her from that spider. Just saying.

See you all tomorrow for more super doooooper fun at HBC!

Hey, we find out who wins the colouring – in competition tomorrow! I hope I win with my special foot art!




If you click on my handsome photos on the right, you will see cool photos of HBC!

I am SO excited about HBC on tomorrow! I hope we will find out what happened to Rick. The Wobble Warriors got him for sure! Today Rick even vomited on them. I told my Mum. She said that was disgusting. I told her it was SICK! She agreed with me.

Tomorrow is also the mega sports day! I started doing some training on my Wii Fit. My friend told me it wasn’t that serious, just lots of fun. So I ate a donut instead.

Then after tomorrow’s sports day we are having a Hot Dog lunch! Apparently the Hot Dogs are not really made out of dogs, so that is good. Wizzy the Wobble Warrior said he eats Hot Buffalos all the time. He says they call them Buffalo Dogs and they fill you up more. That would be good for Uncle Festie. He wants to come and eat 10 hot dogs. Just one Buffalo Dog would be better for his high kollesteroll I think.

I told Aunty Bertha and Uncle Festie and my little neighbour Georgiano to come at 11:45. Then they are going to stay and watch me in the Jungle Concert! I can’t wait! Mum said she would come but only if none of the people in the drama vomit. I said they won’t.  I think she will love to see me perform.

Today some other cool things happened. Some parents sat in the new “Barden Ridge Café” in the church foyer. It’s free they say and the caffeine keeps ‘em happy. There is even a preschooler’s play room there.

Today’s classes did heaps of fun stuff, listened to Bible stories about “The Prodigal Son”, did craft & made more cool woodwork things. My Dad is jealous of my woodwork being better than anything that has ever come out of his garage at home! In craft time I saw wire flowers, yellow and black painted tins, coloured Gospel bracelets and books that tell the story of Jesus without words! I saw stories told and drawn and acted out.

I heard about how God wants us to be in His family. But lots of people tell God we don’t need Him. But when we come back to God our Father and tell Him we are sorry, He forgives us and welcomes us into His family. He is a very forgiving God.

Oh, I just remembered something. I left my tickets for the Concert and my craft at the Church! Oh well, they said everyone who turns up can get free tickets. Yeeeeee haaaa!

Tomorrow morning I must remember to find the Chief and say the secret password. I hope no one else does it because there will be more lollies left for me. The secret password is “Good Morning Chief Hatamatusisyamanjani”.

I found all these great linky things. I’m going to click on them and do fun stuff…

CLICK HERE to see today’s photos… IMG_5995

CLICK HERE to see a cool video of the Parable of The Prodigal Son.

CLICK HERE to see a fun underwater game to play.

I heard cool things about CADETS. I want to join this club for BOYS ONLY! Monday evenings.

My sister wants to go to GEMS. They meet on Wednesday evenings and do girly stuff.

Bye for now, from Sammy.





What did the monkey say when he cut off his tail? … “It won’t be long now!”   Ha ha ha. That’s almost as funny as some of the things that happened today at HBC!

It was so good the Watt family got a flight to the Jungle.

It was bad that the captain of the plane had only ever flown Flight Simulators before.

It was good that there were 3 engines on that plane.

It was bad that 2 engines fell off and the third one had a flying gorilla fly into it and jam it up.

It was good that they all had parachutes.

It was bad that the captain of the plane didn’t have a parachute. I don’t think we will see him again. Pity.

It was good that they landed safely even if it was in the middle of the Jungle.

It was bad that someone stole their stuff… including Grandma’s teapot.

It was good that Chief Hatamatusisyamanjani found them and had a map to get them out of the Jungle.

It was bad that they can’t decide which road to take.

It was good that I got to go the Jungle with Wizzy Wobble Warrior without a plane crash and without being arrested for having buffalo bones in our bags.

It was bad that he hit that lady with the broken arm, the girl with the neck brace and the man with the bone in his arm.

It was good that we could talk about what being ‘kind’ really means. I hope Wizzy is sorry.

It was bad to hear that in the story of The Good Samaritan some people ignored a man who needed help. (See it HERE)

It was good to learn about how God is so kind and loving to us and He wants us to be the same to other people.

It was bad that we couldn’t play on the oval.

It was good that we could play on the tennis courts and on the car park.

It was bad that we couldn’t stay at HBC all day.

It was good that all the classes had fun acting out the Parable of the Good Samaritan and being kind to our enemies. Year 3 even videoed it.

It was bad that some of the colouring competitions look better than mine. I might get extra points for creative initiative because I coloured mine in using my feet.

It was good that we learnt another cool memory verse today and got to make A-MA-ZING things at the woodwork tables and do super doper crafts.

It is bad that this year HBC doesn’t have a “Car Park Cafe”.

It is good that instead, the Cafe is in the new church foyer and that the adults can get their coffee fix there (because we know what adults can be like if they don’t get their good coffee! Scary.)

It was bad that HBC is not on every day of the year.

It was good to hear that I can  see all of today’s photos from HBC

It was bad that I saw this scary face today.

Screen Shot 2013-07-02 at 3.17.14 PM

It was good that I can go back tomorrow and my whole family can come on Thursday to the Hot Dog lunch and concert from 11:45 til 1:30.

It is bad that not everyone knows the secret password to getting a lolly in the morning.

It is good that I know that the secret password is “Poison Ivy” and if I say it to Mr Watt tomorrow morning, He will give me a lolly out of his suit jacket pocket.


Signing off for now, Sammy




I am sitting here eating a chicken bun for lunch.  Om nom nom!!

I had a ball today at HBC! Talked with some weird guy, Wizzy the Wobble Warrior from the Jungle that didn’t like it here in Sydney. He didn’t want to go home yet because there were too many things he wanted to stay for…. like the chance to have some “long red cut up snake with blood squirted on it, squished in this spongy white thing that is able to be eaten”! I think he was talking about a hot dog! I’m glad he reminded me of the sport day on Thursday and the Hot Dog lunch and concert for parents on Thursday at 12. I’m going to bring by Mum and my Aunty Bertha and my Uncle Festie. We love Hot dogs! Uncle Festie might try and eat ten. I will have to keep an eye on him!

This morning it was so funny seeing the Watt Family tell their story! Grandma Watt is invited to go to the Jungle to visit her friends and I think the whole Watt family is going with her! I heard that the plane might be leaving in the morning from Barden Ridge. Cool. We might see it take off! I can’t wait til tomorrow.

We heard great stories in our classrooms. Apparently the Bible has lots of stories in it. There are some stories that didn’t actually happen but are called Parables. They are stories that Jesus really told to teach people something about God.

This is the story we heard today… Click HERE to see the story of the Wedding Banquet. We learnt from this that when Jesus invites us into His family we shouldn’t just ignore Him or come up with excuses, we should accept Him and join in being in His amazing family!

I heard a secret today. Grandma Watt is crazy about drinking Tea. I heard that if anyone finds Grandma Watt on tuesday morning and says the secret words “Jungle Jamboree Tea”, they will get a lolly! I’m not telling anyone. It is only something special for people who read this website post today. SHHHH! IT’S A SECRET!

Well, Diary, I am off to clean the chicken bones to give them to Wizzy Wobble Warrior tomorrow. They might make him feel more at home.

From Sammy

PS. If anyone is here looking at my PRIVATE diary entry, scroll down and see some photos of HBC today!





Hi Kids, I snuck up and looked inside the Church building today and YOU SHOULD SEE IT!
It looks like the Jungle Jamboree is about to start! Download a colouring competition and register here on line to come along to a super fun week! You can also turn up and register on monday morning (or any morning) at 9:15am.
If you read this update every day this week, you might just get a secret password which might just earn you a lolly from Grandma Watt’s lolly Jar! If you see her on monday, tell her her hair looks lovely and she might just give you something! (Shhhh! It’s a secret, don’t tell anyone else!)
Well, see ya later alligator… See you monday!!!!!!
From Sammy

DEAR DIARY – EARLY JUNE 2013… Hi diary, Sammy here. I am so excited about HBC this year! I am sneaking around the church to find out what the theme will be this year. Will it be Circus? Oh no, we did that only a few years ago. Olympics? Naaah, that was SO last year! Will it be Island theme, or Shipshapes theme, Spy or Western theme? Maybe ….. it might be…School theme….. NOOOOOO! Imagine that! Having to do school work in the holidays! No way! For the first week I am going to be holidaying at HBC with all my friends.

Can’t wait!

I hope all the kids register on line so they don’t miss out!