HBC 2015 Egyptian Adventure – Sammy’s Secret Diary!


Dear Diary,

I came home from Egypt today. I have had such a fantastic time away and have learnt so much.

I learnt not to loose your plane ticket and don’t try and steal ancient coins or you will make the metal detector go off at the airport!

On an archaeological dig there are so many things to do! Like doing woodwork. It was AMAZING!!!!! I came home with a bird cage that I made ALL. BY. MYSELF!  Other people made dinosaurs and ladder games and heaps of things!

The kindy kids (or 1st year Uni students) were so sad to leave the HBC Egypt that one nearly cried and I nearly cried too! They learnt about how Christians are all part of God’s family which is pretty cool!

Year 1 kids made a cool luggage tag and year 3 were voted the nicest class of the year. Year 4 and 5 made a BIG MESS! (Like REAALLLLY BIG!) But they learnt that even though some people make a mess of their lives, God can make us clean again.

Year 6 had lots of tricky questions in the question box. They had been collecting them all week. Then…. the moment came to ask their leader Peter. Were they too hard for him? Like, I mean, how does he know all the answers about life? Well… he answered them really well! Not because he is such a smarty pants but because he says that all the answers about life are in the Bible. He reads the Bible and says it’s true and that is how he could answer the questions so well!  At the end of the day, all the year 6 kids got special graduation certificates. They can’t come to HBC anymore but they are lucky ducks because next year they get to go to the youth group every friday night!

My mum went to the “Cleopatra Cafe”again. She had FIVE coffees! Yes, 5! You should have seen her this afternoon. She has cleaned out the garage, painted the veranda deck, planted a new veggie patch, rewired our house’s electrical system and made me do Maths homework! She says I get hyper from too many lollies but I think it is good that the Cleopatra cafe is finished for the year!

OOOOPS! I just remembered that I accidentally left my jacket at HBC. I heard that there will be a box in the Foyer with all the HBC lost property in it. It will be there for a couple of weeks. Sunday is the best day to come and check out the lost property. The church services are at 9:30am and 5pm. I think we might go to church this Sunday and then we can get my jacket back. I hear there will be some spare “Welcome Packs” for kids at church. (yay, more lollies and rocks to smash up!)

Bye for now Dear Diary. I will write again next year!

If I am bored next week, I will go to THIS WEBSITE where there are HEAPS of great things for me to do!

Check out some HBC photos from thursday HERE.

Bye for now, chow!




Dear Diary,


What a busy day at HBC!

If you want me to tell you everything, you will be disappointed! I am too tired to write! Oh, OK… I will tell you as much as I can in as short a time as possible.

* My mum came AT LAST to the cafe for a coffee this morning. She didn’t want to come but then she realised there was free coffee and a free creche right next door. I saw her lying on a lounge with a coffee in one hand and a cake in the other and the ladies were fanning her while my sister was having fun in the creche room. I don’t know why she is so exhausted. Looking after me is so easy!

*  I went into the hall and saw a funny drama! MG and Ameercat got all tied up with rope!

* We heard about Joseph and how his brothers didn’t know it was him when they came to visit him in Egypt!

* In the class time, I heard year 3 listening to the story from the Bible, of the Prodigal Son. We learnt that God loves us as our Father no matter what we have done.

*We had HEEEEEAPS of fun doing sports! I saw a camel that lost it’s head. A mummy that lost its tummy. Some snakes being thrown into a bucket. I think they were real. I saw some REAL mummies wrapped in white bandages (which looked like toilet paper).

* We had an amazing concert! I was so excited when we found the scroll but no one knew the answers to the questions on it! And the naughty badies stole the pages from the old book which did have the answers on it!  Luckily Alexis had all her University friends along to help answer the questions! When the first year uni students (Kindy) told us their answers it was like the paparazzi was there taking so many photos of them. Year 1-2 sang their song faster and faster and so fast I thought they were going to take off! Year 4-5 had the most professional props. They had amazing song and a real house in their act! Year 6 had a great song and they even had a real pharaoh! At the end of the concert we all found treasure that was just a bag of old rocks! Then we realised there was money and a KEY in one of the rocks! The key opened the treasure chest and it had a remote control in it. The remote showed us a video that had the BEST treasure in the whole wide world on it. You can see it HERE!

* One of the girls says she sings the song “Love the Lord your God” in the shower and that one day she is going to sing it on X-factor. Tomorrow I will get her autograph in case she is one day famous.

* The winners of the colouring in competition were announced but I don’t want to talk about it because I didn’t win.

* Tomorrow morning I am going to say the secret password “Jesus is Alive” to the bad guys MG and Ameercat so they know that it is true! Maybe they will give me a lolly if they agree with my password!

* I am SO sad that tomorrow is the last day of HBC! My Mum said she is coming again to the “Cleopatra Cafe”. I hope there are other mums there too otherwise she talks about me all the time and that is embarrassing!

See you tomorrow diary!



Dear Diary,

WOWEE!! I can’t believe we’re over halfway through Holiday Bible Club already! Why is it always that the most funnest things in life always go by so quickly!? It’s a bit sad really… but I can’t wait till Thursday and Friday come along cos there’s gonna be come really cool stuff happening!

Oops! I forgot to introduce myself to my own secret personal diary. Hi it’s Sammy here!!

Well today was day three of HBC and it was so good to see all my friends here again today, and lots of new faces too – though some of these faces seemed to change throughout the day… I don’t know how people grow moustaches and beards so quickly!? Maybe I’ll need to go and see what those face painting people are up to tomorrow.

It was a bit of a cold morning today so to warm up we sung some really fun and exciting songs. I like the one about Jesus being our life saver – He is sooo awesome! After singing we heard more about the story of Joseph and how Pharaoh had some super weird and scary dreams about some skinny cows eating big fat cows and then some skinny bits of grain heading some fat heads of grain. That sounds just crazy! Well remember the cupbearer? He found out about this and then got Joseph to come along to see Pharaoh, and God helped Joseph interpret Pharaoh’s dreams! God must have really been looking after Joseph, cos not only did He free Joseph from prison, Joseph ended up being made second in charge of Egypt!!

In our classes we also heard about someone else who was being held captive, not in an actual prison, but by a really bad sickness. This woman had heard about Jesus and she believed he could heal her and all she did was touch the edge of His cloak and WHAZHAM! Jesus totally healed her of the sickness that had controlled her life for so many years.

And you know what else we learnt today that’s even cooler than that?! Jesus can set us free from the sins that hold us captive, just like he did with the man we heard about on Day 1!

I still can’t believe that Miss Penelope and the Professor still haven’t found that treasure – their boss, Dumstig really does seem keen to find it (Psst, if you do happen to see Dumstig in the morning and say the secret password, “seven fat cows” you might just get a little treasure of your own). I went around to a few of the classes to see if I could find any clues to where the treasure was. I couldn’t get any information out of the Kindy kids cos they were sitting so nicely listening to a Bible story and it looked like they had a pretty great item in the making for the concert. It was a war zone in the Year 1/2 class with injuries everywhere and absolute chaos!!!! Okay I think maybe just one girl bit her tongue and it really looked like they were having lots of fun in their groups. The Year 3 class asked a really hard question, “What’s a fairytale and what’s true?!” I’m so glad they have such smart teachers at HBC – they said that whatever we find in the Bible is true! How cool is that!? Year 4 & 5 was packed with heaps of kids and I’m really looking forward to seeing what they have to do at the concert – they had some super cool props they were putting together. And the Year 6 class, well they didn’t help me much with my treasure hunt, but they sure made some cool looking snakes in craft!

Well I need to run now. No seriously, I need to go find my running shoes and get warmed up so I’m all ready for the Tabloid Egyptian Games tomorrow! And if I keep my running shoes on my feet, there’s no way I’ll forget to bring tomorrow. Oooh I need to remember to finish my colouring-in for the competition, I saw some other kids working on them today so I need to make sure I do mine really good so I can WIN!! But it needs to be finished and handed in first thing tomorrow. Luckily I found this link  (http://www.sutherlandreformed.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/Updated-Colouring-in-comp-for-HBC-2015.pdf) which means I could print off another picture to colour in after I lost my last one.

Well it’s a big day tomorrow with sports, a big HOT DOG lunch for the whole family at 11:45 (the Professor said Uncle Gert can eat a million if he could fit them all), and then the AMAZING family concert at 12:15!!

Well my trusty secret diary, bye bye for now. I’ve got shoes to find and colouring to do!



Dear Diary,

It’s Sammy again and I am just so excited about Holiday Bible Club! I didn’t think it could get better, but guess what! It has!!!

Today was the second day and we got to sing the Mummy Song again! It’s so fun doing the actions of pulling brains out our noses and the free style Egyptian dance part!

We also heard the story about Joseph and how he got put into prison because someone else lied about him! That is not a very nice thing. But Joseph still persevered and didn’t give up. God helped him explain the dreams of the baker and cupbearer. In our classes we learnt that Jesus stays by our side if we follow him so we can persevere and not give up even when life is hard.

It’s great to have a friend like Jesus who is always with us.

The Professor and Miss Penelope have been finding parts of a map around their dig in Egypt. I thought I would give them a hand. My small blue hand didn’t find any map pieces but it did find year 6 asking some great questions like ‘Did God sin?’ I think there will be lots of questions in their question box on Friday. I also found year 4/5 having some secret discussions in their class. Maybe they were talking about the treasure? Year 3 were practicing a reaaaally fun drama for the concert on Thursday and made a rattlesnake craft. It looked super cool, but don’t tell anyone snakes scare me a little bit! Eeek! Year 1/2 learnt about saying sorry and forgiving others, I listened a little bit and maybe I should say sorry to my friend for head butting him. Kindy did woodwork today and they made some really cool things even though it was hard for some of them to see over the bench! I understand how hard this is, sometimes I can’t even see over the puppet theatre!

My diary entry is a little late today because I have been playing with my baby sister. My little sister likes it when I play with her because she is too little for HBC and mum is so busy all the time. But I heard that there is Cleopatra’s Café with FREE COFFEE and cake at HBC. I’ll have to tell mum to go and have a break there (and a coffee, so she’s not so grumpy in the morning!) there’s even a babysit for my little sister there!

See ya later Diary, my Aunty Mavis and Uncle Gert are here and I have to tell them about the hot dog lunch at 11.45 on Thursday after our sports day. They loooove hot dogs…maybe that is why they are fat! Hopefully they will be able to stay for the concert at 12.15 and see my class perform!

Ta ta for now,


P.S. (In the morning, anyone who sees Miss Penelope before it starts and says a secret password “King Tut” MIGHT get a treasure!)


Dear Diary,

Hi! It is Sammy here again and yes, you guessed it, I am at Holiday Bible Club again! YAY!!!

This year there are pyramids and mummies and archaeologists digging for treasure. There is an ancient but true story of Joseph which we are all hearing about. Today we heard that his terrible brothers threw him down a big hole and then they sold him to people from Egypt as a slave!  In our classes we all learnt about the paralysed man and how his friends lowered him through the roof of a house where Jesus was speaking. They all knew that Jesus could heal him. But Jesus did something MORE amazing first! He forgave him of his sins!

That is pretty amazing that Jesus can do that and apparently He can do that for us too!

I am going now to do my colouring in. I told some of the kids not to do  colouring in because I figured that if mine is the only one handed in then I WILL WIN!!! Winner winner chicken dinner!

Apparently there is a missing treasure that we need to find. I went creeping around looking for it when the kids were busy in their classrooms. I couldn’t find it but I saw year 6 doing a cool craft. They also have a question box to put in any questions that they have about the Bible or God and they will be answered at the end of the week.   I then snuck into the year 4/5 room. There were SO many scary kids there that I was sure I would never be able to get the treasure if they had it! In year 3 there was heaps of glitter and glue and paint. I think they might know where the treasure is! Hmmm. I will steal someones craft and hold it ransom until they tell me!  In year 1-2 there were lots of crazy kids looking like pyramids, snakes and digging archaeologists. Maybe they have the treasure. Or maybe it is in the kindy room where they kids were the kids were pretending to look little but I think really they are all 24 year old University students who are trying to keep the treasure hidden! They can’t trick me!!!

Well, I have to go outside now. I got a “Welcome” Pack at HBC and it has a rock in it. Apparently there is a treasure in the rock. I will have to open it with a hammer on the concrete outside. Maybe it is a jewel!

Well, bye Diary. I will go again to HBC tomorrow and I can’t wait!

I’m off to smash a rock and do a colouring in competition!

Signing off for now


PS. (In the morning, anyone who sees the professor before it starts and says a secret password “The Nile River” MIGHT get a treasure!)