Granny Watts to Sammy Secret Letters

Letters to Sammy, Day 5

Dear Sammy,

It was great to see you again for the final day of our Jungle Jamboree! I’m glad you found where we were and didn’t get all lost and confused again, dear! We had a very scary time with Chief Kufa, but we finally managed to get the map away from him and stop him from getting the treasure. We all realised that better than finding the treasure on our journey, we had actually made the best friends and family we could have imagined – and realised the real treasure was not money at all. Oh – and I shared some tea with all my friends! We’ve learnt so very much in the jungle this week, so it was amazing to talk about it all.

Some other very exciting things happened on our last day in the jungle. Kindy had a look at some examples of plants which grew in all different types of soil, and were super excited to have a dance party on the big stage. Year 1 and 2 loved our Jamboree so much they wanted to turn up at 7:30 this morning (unfortunately, we had to turn them away and tell them to come back at 9… Granny Watts needs her sleep!). Year 3 made their own storybooks of the parables and played an epic game of Luke 11:28 pass the parcel! Oh, and they nailed singing the song – ‘And obey it CLAP CLAP CLAP!’. Year 4 and 5 also remembered every single memory verse from this week and sang it SUPERRRR SUPER loud so everyone could hear them! Or maybe that was the chocolate and lollies talking (sorry, year 4 and 5’s parents…). Year 6 talked about some pretty cool stuff, like what it means to be a Christian, and got all excited for coming to Cadets, Gems, and Youth! (Which, by the way, you should all come to – I wish I was a young spring chicken like you all so I could turn up to Cadets or Gems at 7pm Mondays, and Youth at 7:30pm Fridays!)

We also learned all about the parable of the sower and the seeds – how many times we can hear God’s word and easily forget about it, get distracted by it, or not hear it at all! Instead, we learned that we should become like a ‘good’ soil which hears God’s word and puts it into practice. And that word, which we heard about all week, is the Bible! It told us that we were lost in our sin, but we needed to confess it and God would forgive us no matter what we did, so we could love others and listen to him. Pretty cool stuff! I’m definitely going to tell ALL my friends, my mum, and my dad about everything we heard.

You can watch it here:


Anyway, it’s been so amazing to tell you about this journey and for you to come on it too, Sammy. I’m going to miss the Jungle so much, even all the little monkeys we saw on the floor too! It’s okay though, because I know I can come to the church every Sunday at 9:30am or 5pm and hear these amazing stories all over again. Plus, I’m SO excited to come back next year and tell ALL my friends to come with me – who knows what adventures we might have?

Until next time Sammy,

Granny Watt xoxo

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Letters to Sammy, Day 4

 Dear Sammy,

It was so wonderful to see you again today dear! I’m so glad you were able to make it out of the jungle and find us again! I’m sorry you were so lost, but it was good you were there – boy oh boy did a lot happen. We got tied down by Chief Kufa, who was really huge and super scary! Thankfully, we eventually escaped and the map was super helpful too! But how will we leave the jungle? I’ll have to tell you tomorrow, Sammy…

I’m so glad you were there to join in all the fun, Sammy. We sang some amazing songs, played some sport, ate so many hot dogs, and even saw the Kindy and Year 1 and 2s become tigers and fish before our eyes. We were amazed at how many hot dogs the Kindy kids could fit in their tiny mouths! Year 1 and 2 were incredibly talented at throwing chickens… oh sorry, I meant ‘chuck a chook’. Year 3 did a great job of acting out the Good Samaritan story in class – with realistic robbing skills that made even ME scared. Year 4 and 5 did a fantastic job of singing ‘The blind man’ with some pretty cool actions that had us all clapping along.

You can watch them here:

Year 6 went everywhere with the sport and then went to town on their cheerleading with ‘Luke! Chapter 19! Verseeeeee 10!’. There was even an appearance by Stephen who came from the jungles of Scotland. But you know all this!

That story of the Good Samaritan was such a great one to hear too. We saw how it wasn’t just ministers and helpers of God who looked after the hurt man, but someone who went out of their way to help people in need. We learnt that helping and caring for those who are in need is something we can do as well.

I’m so looking forward to coming back tomorrow, Sammy – hopefully you won’t be lost again! I’m going to invite my friends so I get a special prize on the last day of our jungle jamboree. And, I can’t wait to pop all the balloooooons!!

One final thing though – definitely don’t whisper the word ‘vines’ to the character Erin. You definitely won’t get a special treat…. DEFINITELY DON’T TELL ANYONE.

Love you Sammy!

P.S. Don’t forget to look at the HBC Gallery Photos here!

Granny Watt xoxo

Ohhh – and if you’re really brave – check out these really scary JUNGLE ANIMALS HERE!

Day 3

Dear Sammy,

You’ll never believe it, but even more crazy things happened on our Jungle Jamboree today! The Willy Wobble Warriors were back to their old tricks capturing people (and forcing others to do push ups…), but I stayed safe and protected my tea. I’m so curious to see what happens tomorrow – will we escape the Warriors for good?

I did hear you got lost in the jungle dear, and I’m so sorry to hear that – it must be dreadfully scary with all these treacherous Warriors around. But, I heard you are very close to finding your way out, and now I am SO excited to see you tomorrow darling! You’ll love this place (and I might even spare you a tea bag, if you’re lucky).

Many more exciting things have been happening around the jungle, too. So many new animals joined us today – lions, cheetahs, leopards, bunnies, pandas, cats and wolves, and even a wild L-Dizzle! We made some excellent crafts for these animals to enjoy.

Kindy had plenty of energy despite being small in number, and as usual, absolutely rocked out to all the memory verses. Year 1 and 2 got to be teachers for a day by drawing some pretty cool pictures on a whiteboard! Year 3 made some super cute tigers out of toilet rolls – you’ll see them hopping around the jungle tomorrow, I’m sure. Year 4 and 5 did a quiz about their leader Abby’s life and finally found out how old she was (exciting stuff!). Year 6 may have struggled again with their pom poms, but they understood the story really well.
And you’ll never guess how amazing that story was. We heard another ‘parable’ that Jesus told about a boy who ran away with all his father’s money, but his father still forgave him and loved him! Funnily enough, we learnt that this is exactly what Jesus did for us if we confess our sins and turn to him. Pretty amazing stuff.

Well, I better be off now – I’ve got so much to do to get ready for tomorrow. Not only do I need to finish my seriously amazing colouring in competition (pretty sure I’m going to beat all the little kids, tee hee!), but I have the concert item to practice, and I need to spend a LONGGGGG time stretching. Tomorrow is sport day, and though I may have old joints, I sure will be able to run fast to beat all those children! I’m also going to beat them in something else – how many hot dogs I can down in the space of 5 minutes. Although I’m DEFINITELY going to invite my family along to help out with that one, as I’m sure they’ll all be super hungry too.

Oh, before I finish this letter, one more thing: if you whisper the word ‘Chief Kufa’ to Professor Rick from our Jungle Jamboree, you may just get a secret reward… but shhhhh. Don’t tell the kids when you see them tomorrow! It’s TOP SECRET!!

Love you and can’t wait to see you tomorrow! Make sure you invite all your friends and get your parents to invite those friends along as well – you’ll get a special prize if you do!

Much love,

Granny Watts xoxo


Day 2


Dear Sammy,

You won’t believe what happened today on our jungle adventure. A little vegetarian man appeared out of nowhere and told us which path to take – but unfortunately it was too late. Before I knew it, we were being attacked by the terrifying Willy Wobble Warriors! They leaped out of the bushes and jumped on us. I may have screamed a LITTTLEEEE bit loud… whoops, sorry Kindy. But I promise no more screaming – I’ll have to write to you tomorrow to tell you whether we survive the next stage of our Jamboree (DRESS LIKE AN ANIMAL DAYYYY)!

Some pretty fun things were happening all around the jungle today, too. I’m sorry you had to miss out on it, dear Sammy – I can’t wait to show you around later this week! Kindy loved woodwork, where they made beautiful dinosaurs with some interesting names. Year 1 and 2 had amazing energy for the actions in the songs and memory verses (I can’t even keep up with the little people these days!). They also made some pretty impressive sheep noises – I was almost falling off my rocking chair, thinking there were sheep in our jungle! Strange times. Year 3 loved blowing huge bubbles and even holding them in their hands. I even heard one of them say it was the ‘best recess ever’! Year 4 and 5 had some pretty crazy stories about things they lost (or had stolen off them… hmm. Any Willy Wobble Warriors in that class?) and Year 6 watched an adorable animation of a little sheep!

Which reminds me – today we heard a story about a sheep that got lost. The shepherd went to find him, even though he had 99 other sheep! Which tied in very well to our memory verse: “The Son of Man has come to seek and to save those who are lost.” (Luke! Chapter 19!! Verseeeeeee 10!!) It made me realise how much God loves and cares about every single one of us. If we turn back to him we can be part of his family, and that’s pretty awesome Sammy!

As you can see above, I’m super excited for tomorrow – I’m going to dress up in my best animal costume for ‘dress like an animal day’. I’m also going to bring all my friends, because I know how much fun they will have (oh… and I will get a special prize if I do!). I’ve also been working hard on my colouring in competition – I think I might just be able to beat everyone in my grade, and I know there’s some pretty amazing prizes for that too. Which I will get on Thursday, for the exciting sports, hot dog and concert day! I’m so looking forward to all the amazing sport activities, and I’m definitely going to bring my whole family along to watch me perform on stage. There’s going to be so many hot dogs Sammy. YOU might even have to come along to help us eat them all…

Oh, and one more thing: you ABSOLUTELY CANNOT tell anyone, but there is a secret password that will get you a little treat. If you whisper the word ‘Toucan’ to a pretty cool red shirt lady named Chantelle, you will get it! But don’t tell anyone at all.


Love you very much Sammy, hope to see you soon!

Much love, Granny Watt xx


Day 1

Dear Sammy, 

It’s Granny Watts here! I’ve missed you so much on my jungle safari! This morning I packed my suitcase and set of on our journey with dear little Lily and Sophia. I know I’ll miss having my tea, but I can’t wait for you to join me on it later this week, dear Sammy! We’ll have to see if I survive my first day in the jungle without plumbing tomorrow…

Which is BUBBLE DAY! I’m so excited to blow the biggest bubbles ever. AND I’m bringing my friends along because I know Sophia is going to give me a veryyyy special surprise if I do. I’m so excited!

Today some very cool things happened around the jungle. Kindy made some bouncy zebras named Flash, Marshmellow, and Daddy – the best names for zebras I’ve heard! Year 1 and 2 absolutely smashed the memory verse (and yelled our ear drums of, oh dear). Year 3 made some pretty silly excuses for not coming to an epic feast… and apparently 9 year olds are getting married now?!! Times have changed since my day. But anyway… year 4/5 developed their frog origami skills, although apparently they had a few issues with their bounce. They also tried to figure out how old one of their leaders was (“19? You only look 12!”). Year 6 got in touch with their natural side by building some new fandangled contraption called a t…terrarium? Who knows, but they looked very lush and green.

We also heard a pretty cool story from the bible that Jesus told – how a master invited everyone to his feast, even the poor, crippled and blind. We learnt how any of us can join God’s family too! I’m so looking forward to hearing more this week about what it means to be in God’s family.

I also have a special secret to tell you dear (DONT TELL ANYONE AT ALL) – tomorrow I have some very cool treats to share with anyone who whispers the word ‘Jamboree’ into me (Granny Watt’s) ear. But I’m sure no one will hear about that.

I’ve also started doing my colouring in competition! I’m really good at colouring in, so I definitely want to be the winner in my year – I’ve heard there’s a good chance of me taking out the prize. So I’m going to colour it in right this night and give it to my teacher tomorrow! I can’t wait to win.

Anyway, all the best dear Sammy, and I can’t wait for you to join me on the jungle safari later this week. I’m going to stay tuned and make sure I come back every single day, and bring ALL my friends!

Hugs and kisses,

Granny Watts xoxo