Kids Holiday Bible Club in Barden Ridge!!!

We’ve been having an amazing time in the Jungle this year – and you can get up to date with all the DRAMA from Granny Watt’s SECRET Letters to Sammy!

Check out our photos below – and more in our Photo Gallery.





For years, we have been running Holiday Bible Clubs for kids in the July School Holidays!

Every year, there are fun activities, dramatic plays, amazing characters and a ton of inspiring leaders who look after the children for 5 days!

Every day is a jam-packed day filled with fun and all sorts of dramas – including time for Bible Stories, Crafts and Singing!

Join in with a  lively bunch of kids ready for the daily adventures….

Here’s some memories of the last few years of Holiday Bible Club in Barden Ridge:



Our Theme was: “ShipShape!”

Oh…. and if you want to have a peak into
Percy’s Secret, “Don’t Look At!” Diary … click here or on Percy sitting on his perch!


Every morning is action-packed and led by a great team from the church in Barden Ridge.

All activities are closely monitored by our team (in red T-shirts) who have completed a child safety course.


In 2016, we had an awesome “Race of Life” filled with a bunch of athletes – some doing what was right and others…. well, who didn’t listen all that well.



Way back in 2015….  We were in Egypt!