Luke 2:22 Are you waiting for Christmas?

Although Anna never left the environs of the temple, she was aware that something was missing. For starters, all the temple extensions had been paid for by Herod, the King. He wasn’t even a Jew and righteous, he wasn’t. Secondly, the temple did not have the Ark of the covenant in the Holy of Holies. In that sense it wasn’t the temple that Solomon had built, 1000 years earlier. Lastly, she would have noticed the ritualism and corruption that had become the part of the temples operation. The temple drew her each day, but she wanted something more – she longed for a Messiah – the one promised in the Scriptures. Anna was sick of second best and longed for something better and greater by far! Anna had been on the lookout for decades – waiting for the Messiah to come to the temple and then, there he was!