Jonah 1:4-17 – “Sometimes We Should Feel Embarrassed”

Jonah is someone that should have felt embarrassed about his behaviour. Compared to the sailers he was an embarrassment to God and his people.
1. Jonah, cared nothing for the life of the Ninevites – The sailors cared for Jonah’s life. In the same vain – Jonah had no compassion – the sailors had compassion.
2. Jonah did all that was in his power to see the godless Ninevites destroyed – the sailors did everything in their power to save Jonah.
3. Jonah didn’t pray that the ship would be saved – the sailors prayed to their gods.
4. Jonah didn’t mind dying – the sailors wanted to live.
5. Jonah was a believer in the true God and the sailors worshipped useless idols.
6. Lastly Jonah didn’t stand in awe of God while the sailors did.