Acts 15:1-35 “How do you get in?”

How does someone become a Christian? How do they ‘get in’ to the family of God, into the kingdom of God? What is it that makes someone a genuine Christain we might ask?
Acts 15:1-35 sees this question considered and decided upon. Some Jews believed that circumcision was required along with faith in Jesus. Others said faith alone was enough.
the text takes us through the controversy over circumcision, the consideration of the council and finally the centrality of Jesus.
This is a pivotal moment in history that could have fractured the church, but instead made a clear statement that we are saved by grace alone through faith. Faith in Jesus alone is required for salvation.
But it is not enough to simply get in. If we fully understand the beauty of Jesus in salvation, we will keep him central in our lives every day as we live by faith in him.