Ephesians 2:11-13, “Remembering the Past.” 18-10-2020pm

One of the things problems that we have as human beings is that we are always forgetting things. When it comes to living the Christian life, I often compare myself to a leaky bucket. You would have heard me say that before. A leaky bucket is always losing water and in my Christian life, I seem always to be forgetting important things from God. The forgetting often has to do with God’s love. Something happens in the family, some new stress in life and I forget about God’s provision and care. So often God has come to the rescue in the past and then the new situation arrives, and I fail to remember God’s past deeds and get worried and lose my joy. Paul, in the letter to the Ephesians has been reminding them of their stature in Christ. He is reminding them of their privilege. Not so that they would boast but that they would have hope for the future, as they remember the past. That their behaviour and attitudes would be shaped by the grace that they had received. Paul here, is simply reminding the Gentile part of the Ephesian Church that they had to remember what they received, their privilege in Christ. They were urged to remember the past so that they would exhibit grace in the future.