1 Kings 3:16-28 Seek Wisdom – Use Wisdom

As you look at Solomon’s wish you can’t help but be impressed. In chapter 2 David handed over the Kingdom to his son, Solomon and told him he need to do two things to establish his reign.

  • The first one was to keep the Word of God close to his heart and to do it!
  • The second one was to remove anything that threatened his reign and kingdom and that meant that some people had to go!

Now these two things are very helpful for us as we too want to be established, rooted firmly in our Christian walk.

The third key ingredient, to being established is “Wisdom”. The truth is that we need wisdom to live the Christian life. That is what Solomon asked for and it is something that we also need to ask for. I tend to think of wisdom as doing the right thing in the right circumstance. Wisdom in the Bible is intensely practical, and it is often about doing something in a just way. Solomon recognised the great need for wisdom and the whole book of Proverbs is basically a call for us to be wise!