Romans 4: 13-25

  1. Please read the passage again.
  2. Trying to understand how Paul use of the “Law” in this context is difficult. Dr. Boice said this…

“Here Paul is not thinking of a specific Jewish law, though nothing he says excludes it but of law in general. It is the law principle, rather than a specific set of laws, that he is thinking about. It is what we commonly call morality (p. 471, Boice).

  • What do you think of Boice’s comments?
  1. Please read Galatians 3: 16 – 18. In this passage Paul arguing against those promoting circumcision and Jewish rituals uses the historic argument, which is that the law couldn’t have saved Abraham, because the law was given around 430 years after Abraham. Why do you think Paul didn’t use this argument here?
  1. Comment on the following quotes from Martyn Lloyd Jones…
    • “The principle is, that a law is always concerned about and interested in our deeds, our works, our conduct, our actions, our behaviour. The moment therefore you bring in the Law you are back on to works, and faith does not come in at all.” (p. 193 (MLJ – Commentary on Romans).
    • ““Law means failure. Therefore, if the promise had been made through the medium of the Law, what God was giving, as it were, with his right hand, he would have been taking back with his left hand. There would have been no promise at all; it would have no value whatsoever.” (MLJ – Commentary on Romans).
  1. Describe the pros and cons of the law in this passage.
  1. Comment on the following…
    • Later on, Paul asks the question whether the law is evil but it is not. Is a mirror defective because it cannot clean you dirty face? Cleaning your face is not its job. The function of the mirror is to show you your dirty face so that you can do something about it. The laws role is to act as a mirror to your lives so that by your inability to keep it you might turn in faith to the Lord Jesus and be saved by him.
  1. Read verses 16 – 17 again. What does faith do? Can you make an analogy to describe the link between faith and grace? Can you think of any Parables that speak of the link to grace and faith? How would you try to convey the truth of law, faith and grace to an unbeliever?
  1. MLJ writes, “You cannot mix works and grace any more than you can mix black and white. These things are eternal opposites, and if you bring works into the realm of grace, it is no more grace. Or if you bring works into the realm of works, it is no more works.”
  1. Why do so many Christians lack assurance of salvation? What does faith guarantee?