Kids Holiday Bible Club in Barden Ridge!!!

HBC 2017

How cool!
It’s on again and we’ve just had a jam-packed day filled with fun and all sorts of dramas on the high seas!

It was great to see such a lively bunch on kids ready for the daily adventures….

Don’t forget to come dressed as a Pirate on Tuesday!

Oh…. and if you want to have a peak into
Percy’s Secret, “Don’t Look At!” Diary … click here or on Percy sitting on his perch!


Every morning is action-packed and led by a great team from the church in Barden Ridge.

All activities are closely monitored by our team (in red T-shirts) who have completed a child safety course.

Let your friends know and they can jump on board as well!!

Tell them to  register here for ShipShape HBC, 2017!

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